Voluntary Plans

Mutual Med is pleased to partner with Supplemental Insurance Services! This alliance ensures our agent partners are offered premiere enrollment options and industry leading benefit packages.

What are Voluntary Plans?

Voluntary plans are policies that offer protection and peace of mind for employees at a lower group rate. Employees elect coverage that fits their needs, with minimal to no health questions. This is important because many of your employees could not get this.

How will Voluntary Plans work for my Employees?

Most individuals could not afford to pay for items not covered by their major medical insurance such as loss of income, childcare, travel, deductibles, co-pays, etc. Research shows that unexpected injuries and illnesses account for more than 350,000 bankruptcies annually.
Mutual Med will provide education for employees, and help them choose policies that fit their budget and needs. Your employees will have access to quality coverage at a lower rate, with an exclusive health underwriting offer. These policies will protect what matters most to them.

How will offering Voluntary Plans benefit my Company?

Your employees can protect their health, savings accounts, and retirement funds without adding cost to your bottom line!
Studies show that offering voluntary benefits increases employee morale and loyalty. As an added bonus, you will have the opportunity to lower your payroll taxes for every employee who enrolls.

Policy Benefits Underwriting
Life Up to $125,000 (Term, Universal, or Whole) No underwriting if 5 employees sign up.
Even if an employee has a life threatening condition, they could still get a policy!
Disability Income replacement up to $3,500 or 60% of salary
Hospital Income Pays an employee a lump sum for a hospital stay to offset deductibles and coinsurance
Critical Illness Pays a cash benefit when an employee is diagnosed with a covered critical illness
Cancer Pays an individual indemnity benefits for the treatment of cancer and 45 other specified diseases
Accident Pays your employee lump sum indemnity benefits for accidental injuries No underwriting with 2 enrollees

Supplemental Insurance Services is a company of professionals who approach each day with skill and integrity. They provide product knowledge, ongoing training and support, and a large pool of enrollers and experts that can assist with cases of all sizes in 45 states across the country. Mutual Med is honored to have them as part of our "back office" support team!

Enrollment Services Offered

  • Electronic Enrollment
  • Internet Enrollment by Employee Call Center (includes voice stamped signature)
  • One on One Enrollments
  • Multi-State and Multi-Location Enrollments
  • Assistance with Section 125
  • Coordination of Core Benefits with Supplemental Benefits
  • Flexible Spending
  • and much more...

Please contact your Mutual Med marketing representative at 1.800.747.4126 or send an email to [email protected] to learn more!